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The Year in Books

"Because inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened." - Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures

More books than ever since I started keeping track. A lot of rereads, too, especially towards the end of the year.

* Asterisked books are ones I'd read previously.

Guadalcanal Diary * — Richard Tregaskis
Prisoner's Base — Rex Stout
The Broken Vase — Rex Stout
Unseen Academicals — Terry Pratchett (did not finish)
Bad for Business — Rex Stout

Chindi — Jack McDevitt
Teaching Physics to Your Dog — Chad Orzel
(I bought my mother the British version, titled Teaching Quantum Physics to Your Dog, which is a better description of the contents since it's solely about quantum physics. American publishers continue to think that Americans are stupider than Englishmen. Which is probably true, but still...)
The Battle of Leyte Gulf — Adrian Stewart
A Deepness in the Sky — Vernor Vinge (probably the best book I read all year, although Chad's book is right there)
3 Nights in August — Buzz Bissinger

Devil in a Blue Dress — Walter Mosley
The Vor Game — Lois McMaster Bujold
The Domino Effect — Timothy Zahn
Storm Front — Jim Butcher
Fool Moon — Jim Butcher

Grave Peril — Jim Butcher
The Golden Spiders — Rex Stout
The Icarus Hunt * — Timothy Zahn
The Tactics of Mistake * — Gordon Dickson
Proteus Unbound — Charles Sheffield

This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones * — Bill James
Destroyer of Worlds — Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner
Three Men Out — Rex Stout
The Black Mountain * — Rex Stout
The Bill James Guide to Baseball Managers: From 1870 to Today — Bill James

The Last Hero * — Terry Pratchett
Old Tin Sorrows * — Glen Cook
Dread Brass Shadows * — Glen Cook
Red Iron Nights * — Glen Cook
Going Postal * — Terry Pratchett

Sourcery — Terry Pratchett
Before Midnight * — Rex Stout
Cat of Many Tails — Ellery Queen
And on the Eighth Day — Ellery Queen (sort of)
And Then There Were None — Agatha Christie

The Phantom Freighter * — Franklin W. Dixon (my favorite Hardy Boys book)
Asimov's Mysteries * — Isaac Asimov
The Nine Tailors — Dorothy L. Sayers
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution * — Nicholas Meyer
A Study in Scarlet * — Arthur Conan Doyle

Guards! Guards! * — Terry Pratchett
Men at Arms * — Terry Pratchett
Mission of Honor — David Weber
The Beekeeper's Apprentice — Laurie R. King
Feet of Clay * — Terry Pratchett

Jingo * — Terry Pratchett
A Monstrous Regiment of Women — Laurie R. King
A Letter of Mary — Laurie R. King
The Fifth Element * — Terry Pratchett
The Moor — Laurie R. King

Betrayer of Worlds — Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner
On to Berlin: Battles of an Airborne Commander 1943-1946 — James M. Gavin
The Dragon and the George * — Gordon Dickson
A Bridge too Far * — Cornelius Ryan
A Scandal in Bohemia * — Arthur Conan Doyle

Three Witnesses — Rex Stout
Gilded Latten Bones — Glen Cook
Might as Well Be Dead * — Rex Stout
If Death Ever Slept * — Rex Stout
What Distant Deeps — David Drake

Fail Nation — failblog.org (Christmas present)

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to writing about some of these.

I bought an e-reader a few weeks ago, an Aluratek Libre. It was $90 on sale at BJ's, and came with 100 public domain books already installed (including the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). I like it. It replaces the Palm Tungsten I had been using mostly as a reader*. The Libre uses a non-backlit LCD screen. It's very readable, as long as you're not trying to read it in the dark. I prefer it to epaper. I did like the screen on the Palm better, first because it was in color, and second, and more important, because you could highlight text on the Palm. That's the biggest weakness of the Libre (for me). It does let you set bookmarks, but then you have to figure out what exactly it was that made you want to bookmark it in the first place.

* The battery in the Palm, which I'd replaced not all that long ago, was completely shot. I could've gotten another battery, but the last one lasted barely a year, and replacing it involved soldering it into place. No thanks.

My current book is by a fictional character, Richard Castle's Heat Wave. Detective Kate Beckett Nikki Heat and writert reporter Rick Castle Jamie Rook (Castle=Rook, get it?) fight crime. So far it's a little better than I expected.
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