DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

It's Been a Week...

It's pretty bad when a snopocalypse is not the most aggravating event of the week. Not that it wasn't aggravating, but that was just the base coat of aggravation.

We got about a foot and a half of heavy snow. I left the truck as close to the street as possible to minimize the amount of digging out I would have to do*. I was only a couple of hours late to work. The roads were in pretty good shape, probably because there weren't many cars on them. A lot of places closed for the day. I managed the morning dig out with the electric blower despite it being out of its depth. I had some more to do when I got home from work (six hours of major driftage), but it was light and easily shoveled.

* This isn't without risk. Parking at the end of the driveway puts the truck underneath the 20+ year-old Bradford pear, which is already living on borrowed time as far as limbs breaking off in the wind. However, the current lack of leaves reduces the chances of it happening right now quite a bit... I hope... Whatever, it worked this time.

I was out there again this morning, finally getting around to clearing the area around the mailboxes. Another aggravation—my twenty-something year-old neighbor, whose mailbox shares the same post, and whose stepdad plows out her driveway, never thinks to have him plow out the mailboxes. Neither does she and/or her boyfriend help with the digging. I'm tempted to just leave it undug someday. I rarely get any mail worth having, anyway.

I was doing all this whilst limping around on a bad heel. The morning before the storm, I woke up to my heel telling me, "Hey, I noticed you haven't ridden your bike or exercised in any way, shape, or form for the last couple three months, so here's a nice case of Achilles tendonitis, just to keep you on your toes." Bother.

I had a bad bout of this last year around this time, one that hung around for almost three weeks until I finally realized that it wasn't going to go away by itself as it had in the past. This time I was proactive with the ibuprofen, heel pads, and ankle brace. That worked pretty well, and this morning I barely feel it. Wednesday was painful, though.

The cherry on top of the sundae came Tuesday night when the dishwasher started making awful ratchety noises as it tried to start the rinse cycle. I don't actually mind it so much**. It'd been making awful squeaky noises for about a year or so, so I was anticipating a demise, and I'd never been happy with its internal arrangement, which made washing large or odd-shaped items difficult to impossible. It's just that it sure knew how to pick its spot. So that's my project for the weekend. Fortunately, Sears is having a holiday weekend sale (30% off!). And since I'm already going to be digging around under the kitchen sink, I may replace the crappy, cheapo faucet set that came with the house, too.

** Well apart from the whole having to wash large loads of dishes by hand. I hate washing dishes like I hate the Nazis.
Tags: annoyances, health, house, weather

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