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Aftermath — Jim Butcher

A novella set immediately following the events of Changes. It's narrated by Karrin Murphy, whose internal voice sounds a heck of a lot like Dresden's. When several of Dresden's werewolf posse go missing, Murphy investigates. Butcher probably shouldn't have written it using first person, but it's fun to watch Murphy kicking major ass on her own.

My Man Jeeves — P.G. Wodehouse

A collection of short stories, some about Jeeves and Wooster, the rest about Reggie Pepper. The Jeeves stories are all tales that appeared in the Laurie and Fry adaptation. The Pepper stories just feel odd. Reggie is basically Bertie without Jeeves, and his pals are always finding themselves in the same sorts of situations that Bertie's chums do, so Reggie has to both come up with the Jeeves-like plan to sort it all out, and then wind up being the one to take one for the team when the unexpected consequences arise. It's never quite as satisfying. And as above, it's hard to tell the difference between Bertie's and Reggie's internal voices. It was several pages into the first Pepper story before Reggie introduces himself, and up until then I thought it was Bertie.
Tags: books, dresden, jeeves and wooster

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