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Sears called tonight to let me know that the new dishwasher is ready to pick up. At least that's what I think they called about. I don't actually know for sure because I happened to be walking by the kitchen phone when they called. I picked up, and an automated messaged identified itself as being from Sears, and then told me to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish*. My kitchen phone is a rotary, so I waited, figuring the robot would default to English eventually, but it didn't. It just kept insisting I push a button. So I hung up. I'll take a ride up tomorrow night to pick it up.

* I think. I don't know any Spanish, so for all I know they could be calling me an ignorant goatherder, but it's more likely they just wanted me to press a different button.

I stopped at Lowe's on the way home to look at some more faucets. I found one much like the one I liked at Home Depot for $30 less, so I bought that. The Depot one had a stainless steel finish which looked very nice, possibly too nice considering the rest of my kitchen. The one I bought is chrome, like the one it's replacing.

I decided to at least try to install the faucet in place, rather than yank the whole sink out. Who knows, it might be easy.
Tags: overthinking, projects

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