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Not so Fast There, Springtime...

No sooner did we pass equinox in these parts than the weather turned cold again. There was even a couple of inches of snow mid-week, which then vanished thanks to an icy rain. I did no riding until yesterday, and then only because I had to drop the Machinamobile off for repairs. Well, it had seemed like a good idea when I made the appointment, but yesterday morning with the local temperature at 27°F and a stiff wind had me cursing myself as I started my pedal home from the repair shop. It was colder than when I did the same back in December. By the time I got home my fingers were numb, despite two pair of gloves. Yeesh.

The trip back was only marginally warmer, but at least it was up above freezing. The wind had picked up, so it didn't feel much different.

Today was nicer, so much so that I headed down to the bike path, only to find that it felt quite a bit colder there, as usual. Sigh. I know it'll warm up eventually.

As it is, this is my best March ever, mileage wise. Not that there was a high milestone to beat, since my previous best was 76 miles. I'm now at 84 with a few days still to go. If it warms up at all before Friday, one good ride puts me over 100.

Murray Chass used to be the national baseball columnist for the New York Times. Now he is definitely NOT a blogger*. A few days ago he used his not-a-blog to post a monstrous attack on the character of Stan Musial, by all accounts (except for Chass's) one of the most decent human beings to ever to play the game. Among other things, Chass accused Musial of racism, leaping to a conclusion based upon a story told to him by Marvin Miller, who claimed he heard it from Musial's teammate, Curt Flood. The irony here is that had Chass acted as the journalist he claims to be and fact checked the story, he'd have discovered a more complete version of the same events in Flood's own autobiography, one which very much contradicts Chass's leap. I was irate about this, because Musial is a favorite of mine, and because I couldn't believe anyone would stoop so low as to twist and/or omit the facts of the story to deliberately libel a 90 year-old man. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt this way, because the baseball blogosphere went nuts. Nobody likes Chass, but this went beyond the pale. Anyway, this has all been by way of leading up to Joe Posnanski ripping Chass a new one, a blog post with which I totally agree.

* In his previous job, Chass expressed nothing but contempt for baseball bloggers. Now that he is in the same position, he continues to hold other bloggers in contempt, and calls what he does an online column. What. Ever.
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