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Is This the Hot, New, Totally Outrageous Paradigm?

I was talking to my friend Al the other night about the curious coincidence among the network TV shows I make a point to watch. Granted there are only five of those, so small sample size warnings are in effect, but every single one of them killed off a recurring character in the last couple of weeks of the season. Is this the hot, new, totally outrageous paradigm? Something edgy... in your face... biz-zay...

In reverse order of when they air during the week we have:

The Mentalist: Jane finally caught up with Red John and killed him. I have to admit that I was wrong about one thing. I was sure Red John's man inside CBI was the director. Then when they finally got the evidence pointing the finger at him, I knew I must be wrong because it was just too easy. Sure enough, it wasn't him. OTOH, as soon as Jane sat down at the table with Red John* with his hand in his pocket, my first thought was that Han Solo shot first. My second thought, immediately after Jane executed R.J., was leave the gun and take the cannoli, which he sort of did. I should write this stuff.

* Who I'd already spotted in one of the earlier shots when Jane was questioning the CBI director. I didn't recognize the actor at the time, but something about the way they framed the shot made me pretty sure he wasn't an extra. They totally telegraphed it.

Collateral Damage: They also shot Lisbon and forced Van Pelt to kill her fiance, so bonus angst points all around.

Consequences: The ep ended with Jane being arrested, although I suspect he may very well be able to fake his way through a plea of self defense, given that Red John was carrying a piece wrapped in a newspaper like a hit man, and had a phone that had recently received a call from Lisbon. Also, Lisbon doesn't have to wear the girly bridesmaid's dress anymore.

Bones: Mr. Nigel-Murray took a bullet meant for Booth. Given that Fox's promo for the episode had announced that "one of their own won't survive," it wasn't hard to figure that whichever intern showed up for work that week would be handed a red shirt. The death led to Booth and Brennan having unprotected comfort sex.

Collateral Damage: Then in the next episode, Angela had her baby, a little boy named Staccato. In older, more innocent times that last would've been sufficient drama for the end of a season. Oh, and Max is in wheelchair.

Consequences: Brennan got pregnant. Anyone else think that Brennan's actions were those of a woman trying to force the issue knowing that Booth would never walk away from any child of his? She is pretty calculating... Just me then...

N.C.I.S.: Mike Franks didn't take the hint after they cut off his finger in last year's finale, so this time they made sure. At least this time they didn't kill one of the female agents.

Collateral Damage: Agent Sinclair got killed, just as agent Granger got killed in last season's finale. I half expect Rob Morrow to show up for next season's finale.

Consequences: SecNav resigned and Dinozzo turned to the dark side, because that turned out so well last time around.

Glee: Even the one nominal comedy I watch got into the act, killing off Sue's sister, Jean, from complications of her Down syndrome. I thought at first that the actress who played Jean must have died, but apparently not. It was very much from out of left field.

Collateral Damage: Becky got jerked around pretty horribly by Sue. The way it worked out sort of fit with the Willy Wonka stuff in the ep, too. Wonka pretty much did the same kind of thing to Charlie, lashing out at him, then bringing him into the fold as a partner. At least Sue's lashing out wasn't calculated.*

* Much as I like the movie and Gene Wilder, Wonka is a jerk.

Consequences: Sue is semi-human again, at least until the next little thing sets her off, and Becky got the promotion she wanted.

Castle: Captain Montgomery got killed making amends for his part in the death of Beckett's mother. Of course, since it was barely a week ago that he announced his intention to retire, you knew something fatal was likely to happen to him at some point. Then they decided to amp things up by shooting Beckett, too, and made it look an awful lot like she died.

Collateral Damage: Ryan and Esposito had a fight.

Consequences: There'll be a new captain who won't like Castle even a little bit. What would be cool would be if they would bring Donal Logue's Captain Tidwell character back to New York after his little L.A. hiatus on Life. Meanwhile, I'll believe Beckett is dead when Stana Katic shows up as the lead in a different series. OTOH, I suppose a show about completely broken Rick Castle running around New York solving crimes in his space cowboy outfit aided by the ghosts of Beckett and Stephen Cannell would be pretty cool.

Al pointed out to me that Hawaii Five-O also killed off a recurring character. Same old, same old, I guess.


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