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No-stabbing Wednesdays, New Tradition....

Catching up on Leverage yet again. Sunday nights just don't work for me, and I always forget to find the eps later.

Anyway, I loved the murder mystery ep, especially the costumes. I was expecting to see Nate show up as Archie Goodwin, but Ellery Queen was way better. The only thing better than that would've been if Nate had turned to the camera when he figured it out asked the audience if they had. Or if Eliot and Hardison had shown up as Spenser and Hawk. I mean, the show is set in Boston*.

* Although according to IMDb, Eliot's full name is actually Eliot Spenser, so I prefer to believe that they considered it but rejected it because it was too close to the mark.

Then there was the "Van Gogh Job." It took me a minute to recognize Danny Glover, and another minute to wonder if I had seriously underestimated his age when he was making all those action movies. A quick check of IMDb told me that no, he's not really 88 years old. Had me fooled. Sad story*, but did Nate really leave Charlie, a semi-invalid, in his hospital room with a hundred million dollar painting out in the open where any nearby orderly could swipe it?

As a side note, the scene where Charlie demands to know why the officer was giving his medal to someone else didn't ring true to me. First, even if he really did want to stiff Charlie, I doubt the officer would've recommended the medal for the guy who froze. He'd have nominated someone else, like the wounded guy, or just let it drop. But besides that, there were quite a few African Americans who received medals during the war, so the officer's story about it being politically impossible didn't work for me**. Individual officers may have had a problem with it, so maybe Charlie was remembering the officer with more kindness than he deserved.

** What did seem to have happened was that when a black man was nominated it was usually for a lesser medal than the situation deserved. A number of DSCs awarded to black soldiers during the war were eventually upgraded to Medals of Honor during the Clinton adinistration. So it's possible that even if the officer had nominated Charlie it would've come back as no medal at all. But he still wouldn't have nominated the coward. Another thing, I was looking at the list of those who received the Medal of Honor during the war and one thing that really popped out at me was the number of Japanese names on the list, 21 of them out of the 446 awarded, all members of the 442nd Regiment.
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