DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Eureka and Alphas

Eureka was fun, what with Vi and Wesley Crusher and Dr. Stan "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" Lee.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying Alphas quite a bit. Not as much as I liked the first season of Heroes, but certainly more than the later seasons. This last episode was quite intense...

...and we're nowhere even near the season finale.

Alphas: Dr. Rosen's Cylon overseer was beaten to death with a chair* by his own underling. No one will miss him at all, except for the underling, who was pretty weepy about it.

* One of those cheap, stackable, fiberglass chairs, not even a decently sturdy, heavy wooden job. That's some serious pummeling.

Collateral Damage: All the team members got traumatized or injured in some way or another, especially Mr. Nigel-Murray, who'd already been through this barely two months ago. At least he can be glad that he's a regular this time instead of a recurring.

Consequences: The team will get a new liaison, probably Lt. Murphy from last ep. It remains to be seen whether Rosen will start having conversations with an inner Cylon.**

** Man, the Venn diagrams showing the actors appearing in the shows I watch would be incredibly intricate. I suspect you'd need fractals to describe them.
Tags: geekianna, television

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