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Are You Going to Scarborough Beach...

So, that NASA satellite that nobody can find? Didn't land on my house, so that's good.

Long time, no post. There really hasn't been much to report. The weather has been lousy most of the month. I took the week of Labor Day off, planning to do some long rides on the week days, but the remnants of Lee decided to show up and wash out the week. It rained most of this week, too. This past weekend has been abominably humid in the aftermath of all the rain, the kind of humidity that saps all one's energy.

One longish ride I did take was to try out the new section of the South County bike path over Labor Day weekend. It's nice, if short. It's also hard to find. The original path ends behind a strip mall, then you have to cross Rt. 108, and ride aways down a side street before the new part of the path picks up again. Would it have killed them to put some signage the point out the way?

The new section ends behind Narragansett Elementary School, and when I got there it occurred to me that it's only about a mile to the sea wall. I hadn't been down there in years, and local TV (and even the Weather Channel) had been doing live reports from it during the hurricane, so I decided to keep on going for a quick visit. The next thing I knew I was all the way down Ocean Road to Scarborough Beach, watching the sunbathers. Left to myself, I might have kept on going to Pt. Judith and/or Galilee, but it was lunch time, I was hungry, and my wallet was back in the truck at Kingston Station.

The ride was about 24 miles, round trip. I was surprised that it wasn't longer. It's about 15 miles round trip from my house to Kingston Station, so I might actually plan a nice 40 mile ride from here to Scarborough and back. Maybe if this humidity ever lets up...

I discovered a big old puddle of water down in the basement on Friday. I thought at first that it was from all the rain, but it turned out that the dehumidifier was overflowing. It seems that the little sensor that shuts it off when the tank gets full had stopped working for some reason. Bother.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday making a burrito. Actually, I started making it Friday night when I put some pinto beans into a big ol' container of water to soak.* Plus there was the pot roast that got shredded for the meat. It was a pretty good burrito, but it probably would've been easier to head over to Trini's or Caliente. OTOH, I have plenty of fixin's left.

* Be sure to pick though your beans before soaking, the way they tell you to on the package. They really mean it about the bean-sized rocks.
Tags: biking, cooking, joys of home ownership, weather

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