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99° at lunch, 91 in the house. I decided to hole up in the back room and watch the DVD of Clerks I picked up yesterday. Very funny. Plus, the alma mater got mentioned.

Didn't ride again, but I'm planning to go first thing in the a.m., when it's still only in the 80's.

I have a new favorite source of food porn, America's Test Kitchen. I am absolutely in love with Bridget Lancaster, one of the chefs on the show. She is slyly funny and perky and cute, and she cooks these fabulous things. Tonight it was roast prime rib, with pommes anna and sauted green beans. I even wanted the beans. Okay, mostly I wanted Bridget, but the beans looked fabulous. I was half-tempted to turn the oven on so I could make roast beef. The premise of the show grates a bit, though. Their claim is that they are showing you the absolute best way to prepare a particular dish, and that every other way is just crap. But the host is sort of likeable, as are the other contributors, and Bridget is a goddess!
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