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Death Solves a Mystery

Finished Murder Must Advertise this morning. It had been long enough since I last read it that I'd completely forgotten whodunnit, and I was inordinately pleased with myself that I figured out most of the mystery about two-thirds of the way through. Still, I was a bit disappointed. Wimsey is just too perfect in this book. The fact that he is the greatest cricketer ever really just throws it over the top. There is no plot reason requiring that he be that good with a bat. Also, there is a hole in the mystery that is never really addressed, and that's bothering me. It's an enjoyable read, but it's not as good as I remembered it.

Back to the bookcases! Picked up the necessary router bit (a 1" flush cutting bit) so that I can start working on the shelves this weekend. Also need to do some spring cleaning. Time to get to work...

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