DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Wind Chill

Got to ride a little bit this weekend for the first time since winter finally showed up. Friday it was raining elephants, but the temperature was close to 60°. Yesterday was cooler, high 40's. I cut yesterday's ride short because my legs were toast after only 10 miles. It had been three weeks. Atrophy is a bitch. Tried again today. It was sunny, but only in the low 40's. I wasn't really enjoying the cold, and the bike was complaining, too, so I called it a day after one lap of the path. Still, it was my best January ever at 76 miles.

A couple of the regulars showed up yesterday as I was finishing up, and I socialized a bit. One turns out to be another woodworker, so we compared some notes. Good day.
Tags: biking, socializing, weather

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