DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

A conversation* en passant between a cyclist and a rollerblader on a cold day.

* Sort of. It's hard to maintain a sustained conversation while cruising in opposite directions with a closing speed of about 20 mph. This is mitigated slightly by the fact that the cyclist can do almost two laps in approximately the same time the rollerblader does one, providing them with at least three opportunities to yell something at each other as they zoom by.

First pass...

Cyclist (Me): I thought you said it'd be warmer today.
Blader: <shrugs apologetically>

Next pass, on a very deserted path...

Blader: This just means we're tougher than everyone else.
Cyclist: Oh, yeah!

Last pass, this time going the same direction...

Cyclist: You know what one synonym for tough is?
Blader: Stupid?

That was last Sunday, when it was just barely 40° out. Still, it wasn't all that bad, and it was actually quite pleasant while standing around in the parking lot in Kingston. This past Friday it was almost 50°, but it was windy so it felt much colder while riding or standing. It really has been a mild winter. I broke my all-time record for mileage (a whopping 25 miles) for February on my second ride of the month, which tells you something about normal February conditions. It pushed the total past 40 miles on Friday.

The rest of this weekend was much more like normal. It snowed yesterday, although it didn't stick at all. Today was the coldest day of the winter so far, never even getting into the thirties, and windy as all get out. Having already proved how "tough" I am last weekend, I did not ride. I probably won't get the opportunity next weekend, either, regardless of weather, since I'll be up in Boston at Boskone for most of it.

Some great news on the work front. Someone in senior management took leave of their senses and decided that employees with fifteen years in shall now get four weeks of vacation instead of three. Couple that with my current four days on three days off flex-schedule, which means I don't even have to take one of my extra vacation days to go to Boskone, and I suddenly have a ton of free time on my hands. Go me! If only they'd have done the vacation thing 12 years ago or so.
Tags: biking, vacation, weather

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