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Going the Distance

Yesterday I went ahead and did the ride I'd been attempting when last week's ridus interruptus occurred. My house to Pt. Judith and Galilee via Kingston Station and Narragansett Pier, 47 miles round trip, the longest ride I've ever done. In doing so I also broke my record for mileage in a year. Last year I rode 1767 miles. Today I stand at 1791, with 3+ months to go. Go me!

Why so far ahead of previous years? First, there was the warm winter, which let me set monthly bests in the early months of the year. Then there was unemployment, which gave me plenty of free time, plus the ability to schedule rides to avoid thunder showers and the like. Finally there was some, er, insanity.

Once I saw how the early months were going, I set a goals of beating the best mileage marks I'd ever had for each month. This worked fine until the last Sunday in July, when I fell off the bike a few miles short of the record. I completed the ride, reaching my goal for July, but then I took a week off to heal, putting me in a hole for August.

The goal for August was 310 miles. When I started riding again I did long (20+ mi), slow rides to make up the mileage for the days I missed, and after 10 days of that I was back on track. Except, all the riding reaggravated my obliques, and I was hurting again. So I took another eight days off to let them heal. With seven days left in August, I still needed another 140 miles to reach my goal. (My previous best for seven days was 106.) I rode a long way every damn day and finished the week with 150 miles. Goal reached, body very tired.

The goals get easier now that the days are getting shorter. The goal for September is 284 mi., and I'm currently at 236, so barring catastrophe, I should have no problems beating it. October's goal is only 206. One nice thing about not having to go to work is that I don't have to worry about trying to squeeze in rides between the end of the workday and an ever earlier sunset.

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