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I discovered an neat piece of trivia whilst doing some research for a model I'm building. The model is of an F9F Panther, a Korean War era Navy fighter. It's the aircraft type that Ted Williams flew during his tour in Korea, and I was researching the markings his plane carried with the thought of doing the model up as his plane. I've seen a couple of versions of the markings, and was wondering if there was a definitive answer.

Williams flew for Marine squadron VMF-311. The neat bit is that another member of that squadron was John Glenn, and occasionally Williams flew as Glenn's wingman. Of course, Glenn was a lot less famous than his wingman back then.

I never did find the definitive answer I was looking for, but I did settle on a set of markings, although they were neither Williams's nor Glenn's. Neil Armstrong also flew the Panther, and I found a couple of good references for his plane, so I'm going to try to do that.
Tags: scale models

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