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So, I went to rec volleyball for the first time in eight years. The last time I went* I noted here:

Went to volleyball, and now everything aches.

Turns out the only thing different is that this time everything ached even more. It's amazing how muscles that haven't been used in a particular manner for eight years will complain. It didn't help that the crowd was a little sparse, so I played a lot more than I anticipated. Hopefully, the muscles will be a little less touchy as I get back into it.

* It was the night before my one and only ambulance ride, which was the original reason I stopped going.

I was worried going in that I would be way too old for the crowd, but a lot of the people there were folks I played with back in the day, and they have aged right along with me. It was comforting not to be the only one moving as though through setting concrete towards the end of the night.

I was very sore when I got home, and this morning I felt like the Tin Man after a good rain storm, although now I think of it, he probably was just stiff, not stiff AND feeling like he'd been run over by a tank. Will try again next week with the hope that instead of being run over by a tank it will merely feel like being run over by a small Volkswagen. Baby steps.

I rode my bike this evening and was fine, so the soreness in my legs apparently comes from muscle groups other than those I use to pedal.
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