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2012 in Books

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. — Groucho Marx

Yes, I am behind my time, but it's only once a year. It won't be repeated.

Misery Bay — Steve Hamilton
Blood Rites — Jim Butcher
Dead Beat * — Jim Butcher
Thieves' World * — Robert Lynn Asprin
Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn * — Robert Lynn Asprin

Shadows of Sanctuary * — Robert Lynn Asprin
Old Man's War — John Scalzi
The Android's Dream — John Scalzi
The Game from Where I Stand — Doug Glanville
The Flying Tigers — John Toland

Nimbus — Alexander Jablakov
The Truth * — Terry Pratchett
The Sausage Book — Richard Gehman
Gambit * — Rex Stout
The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book * — Brendon C. Boyd & Fred C. Harris

The Thin Man * — Dashiel Hammett
Sweet Silver Blues * — Glen Cook
Bitter Gold Hearts * — Glen Cook
Cold Copper Tears * — Glen Cook
Old Tin Sorrows * — Glen Cook

Dread Brass Shadows * — Glen Cook
Red Iron Nights * — Glen Cook
The Road of Danger — David Drake
A Rising Thunder — David Weber
The Mother Hunt — Rex Stout

Crown of Slaves * — David Weber and Eric Flint
The Ghost Brigades — John Scalzi
The Continental Op — Dashiel Hammett
The Service of the Sword * — David Weber
The Shadow of Saganami * — David Weber

War of Honor * — David Weber
At All Costs * — David Weber
From the Highlands * — Eric Flint
Torch of Freedom * — David Weber and Eric Flint
A Storm from the Shadows * — David Weber

Mission of Honor * — David Weber
Coyote — Allen M. Steele
Crashlander * — Larry Niven
Fly-By-Night * — Larry Niven
Windows of the Soul * — Paul Chafe

The City & the City — China Miéville
A Right to Die — Rex Stout
Protector * — Larry Niven
The Domino Effect * — Timothy Zahn
Judgement at Proteus — Timothy Zahn

Trio for Blunt Instruments — Rex Stout
Spindrift — Allen M. Steele
The Doorbell Rang * — Rex Stout
Mechanique — Genevieve Valentine
Eastern Standard Tribe — Cory Doctorow (DNF)

Guards! Guards! * — Terry Pratchett
All the World's Battleships: 1906 to the Present — Ian Sturton, ed.
Sunk by the Bismarck — Edwin Hoyt
At The United States Navy in World War II — S.E. Smith, ed.
At War at Sea — Ronald H. Spector

Ship Models from Kits: Basic and Advanced Techniques for Small Scales — David Griffith
Ventus — Karl Schroeder
Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz — Chip Kidd, ed.
Just Ride — Grant Petersen
Basics of Ship Modeling: The Illustrated Guide — Mike Ashey

Ventus — Karl Schroeder

Lots of naval history type stuff at the end there. The last novel I finished was Karl Schroeder's Ventus back in early November. I started a couple more, but put both of them down after a couple of chapters. Part of it was that I had a hard time getting through Ventus. It's a terrific book, loaded with interesting ideas, but I found it pretty dense*. Reading in small chunks, it took me more than a month to get through it. In between is when a lot of the history and model-making stuff got read. I was a little burned out. Also, I have yet to find a character in a Cory Doctorow book that I give a rat's ass about. Anyway, despite my difficulty getting through Ventus, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

* Of course, it's entirely possible that I'm the one who's actually dense here.

Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz — Chip Kidd, ed.

Peanuts is a thick compendium of strips, single panels, sketches, etc., spanning Charles Schulz's entire life, all of it wonderful. There's fifty years worth of material from Peanuts, along with occasional quotes from Schulz about the characters and situations. There's also quite a bit of his pre-Peanuts work, such as some Li'l Folks panels, some panels done while in the Army, and other early panels. It's fun watching his style develop as the book (and time) goes on. Highly recommended.

I have finally gotten back to fiction, thanks to the library notifying me that Jim Butcher's latest Harry Dresden novel was waiting for me to pick it up. Fifty pages in already.
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