DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

The End is in Sight

I can see the thunderheads building to the northwest, so the cold front is finally approaching. 'Bout damn time. Another scorcher today, got up to 93 in the house, except for the little oasis I created in the back room. Got up at 5:30, and did 14 miles on the bike when the temperatures were still in the high seventies. Then I took some stuff to the dump, got some breakfast (sausage McMuffins w/o egg, first time in years and years), and then holed up for the day in the back room with the laptop and the remote control.

The big excitement was the shooting at LAX. Someone shot and stabbed some people at the El Al ticket counter, before being shot by El Al security. Three dead so far, including the bad guy. Israel immediately called it a terrorist act, but it's also possible it was just some guy who went postal because he was pissed at the service he was getting. It's funny how perspective changes depending on your reference. I sit horrified by the Israeli Buffistas descriptions of the shootings and bombings in Israel, but if some guy goes postal in the US I usually just shrug it off. Go figure.

I'll probably try to get to sleep early, and get up early to ride again. It's fun riding when there's almost no traffic, and the wind is calm. Before I go, though, I need to tighten the handlebar. It was slowly rotating down. Before today, I'd noticed that it seemed like the shift levers were lower than they once were, but I wasn't sure. Today, the rotation accelerated (due to the heat?) such that eventually I couldn't even see the dials on the shifters at all. I was able to pull it back where it belonged, but I need an allen wrench to tighten the set screw. I need to do that I soon as I log off.
Tags: biking, news, weather

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