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Lovely day yesterday, and even nicer today. The leg is fine this morning, so I'm beginning to think that what I thought was a pull was actually just a spasm, which relaxed once I had all the alcohol in me Saturday night.

Bookcases: Cut the last two planks for the shelves off of a sheet of birch faced plywood, and put them aside. Started working on the face frame, as well. The face frame is just some wood strips to be attached to the front edges of the cases to a) hide the edges of the plywood, and b) connect the four cases into a single unit. It will consist of a 1" x 4" maple header, which will run from end to end along the ceiling, covering the front of the header boxes and the gap between the cases and the ceiling, and a series of maple uprights along each case edge. There are four cases, so I need three uprights to hide the joints where the cases butt together, plus an upright for where the right-most case butts up against the wall, and a last upright for the left edge of the left-most case. All the uprights will be from 1" maple stock, and grooved or rabbeted on the back side to fit snugly onto the case edges. The center uprights will be 1 7/8" wide (1 1/2" for the two case edges, plus 3/16" overlap to either side). The left edge will overlap the 3/16" towards the interior of the case, but will be flush with the outside of the case. The right-most upright will be similar, but extend outwards to cover the gap between the case and the wall (up to 1/2" in spots).

To start, I used the table saw to rip some 8' strips of maple to about 2" wide for the center uprights. Ripping is tough on the wood. The strips are trapped between the rip fence and the blade, and the blade leaves scorch marks on the wood. To get rid of them, I ran the strips through a thickness planer, which is a Monty Pythonish device that runs the wood past a set of rotating knives, allowing you to plane a thin layer off the piece of wood on each pass. It also leaves the wood very smooth. So I ran the strips through the planer a few times, taking 1/32" off on each pass, until they were the right width.

To snazz things up a bit, I plan to put a bead detail on any interior edges of the front of the frame, so I started to set up the shaper attachment for the table saw with a set of beading bits. The beading bit set has a profile that looks like three u's, i.e. uuu, which means you can cut up to three beads at once. I only want a single bead, so I started to cover two of the three u's with a piece of sacrificial plywood, but was foiled in my attempt to attach the plywood to the rip fence by the lack of a ten-cent bolt. Will pick that up on the way home tonight.

Meanwhile, my cable internet connection crapped out again last night, about the fourth time in the last week or so that's happened. It's usually not out very long, but last night it disappeared about 8, and never did come back properly, apart from occasional spasms. Basically, the cable just kept blinking away, trying to connect, occasionally resetting on it's own. It was fine again this morning. I've started logging the outages so I can ream Cox if it happens again.

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