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That Personal History Meme

20 Years Ago...
One of the most memorable years in my life. Living at Attu Acres with Lon and his sailboat. Spend the last three hours of my thirtieth birthday puking up Jack Daniels while Lon snarks at me. (I will get even some day, I swear it!) Get divorced. Play softball. Become assistant coach of a woman's soccer team, after never having played soccer in my life. Lots of just-good-friends dates with B until she leaves for her post-doc in NC. Graduate research going nowhere in a big hurry. Drop out of grad school the following year.

10 Years Ago...
Living in Slocum. Landlord and landlady split, so I start doing a lot the handyman type stuff around the house. Still playing softball. Still coaching the soccer team, now as head coach. Start playing volleyball in Peace Dale, meet most of my current group of meatspace friends. Start dating N. Nobody bothers to tell me that she's having an affair with a married man at the same time. Nasal allergies begin to disappear. Buy current bike, and start riding with intent to exercise.

5 Years Ago...
N is now an unpleasant memory, and I have become a conscientious objector to the war between the sexes. Retired from soccer, but still playing softball. Still in Slocum, but I can see the handwriting on the wall, because landlady has met someone who makes her tingle, and it's only a matter of time. Start saving for a house down-payment in earnest. Nasal allergies pretty much gone, replaced by eczema and adult-onset asthma. Become pretty much resigned to being alone for the rest of my life.

3 Years Ago...
Landlady gets engaged, I have to move. Completely luck out, and find house for sale below market value in the exact neighborhood I want to live in at a time when my 401K is at it's maximum value due to the dot.com bubble. It's the only house I look at, and I make the offer about ten minutes after walking in the door. (Yup, my house was an impulse buy...) A week later, my grandmother dies at the age of 100, peacefully and with all her faculties intact, having lived in parts of three centuries. Eczema disappears. Discover the Buffistas.

1 Year Ago...
Start going to Buffista gatherings, including F2F in Chicago, which leads to many new friendships. Start to rethink conscientious objector status. Start working on improving physical condition. Buy new truck and drive it to Ontario.

Ride my bike, and think about the things that have shaped my life, both for good and for bad. Something totally unexpected happened, which now has me confused.

Went to sleep way too late last night. Still poking at the scar tissue in my consciousness. Probably another bike ride later this evening, maybe work on the bookcases some more.

Who knows? If it's nice, I'll ride my bike.
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