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Rainy, kind of raw day. Worked on the face frame a bit tonight. I'd set up the shaper head Monday, so tonight I actually got aroung to cutting the beads in the stock for the frame. They came out pretty well for my first time using the thing. I need to do some touch up sanding, but they look pretty good. Then I took the shaper assembly apart, and replaced it with a stacked dado blade to cut the grooves in the backs of the uprights. The groove is a very shallow (3/32" deep) trough which will be just wide enough to fit snugly over the edges of the two cases as they butt together. Spent a good chunk of time and a couple of pieces of scrap wood adjusting the depth of cut and the position of the fence until everything was set. Next chance I get, I'll actually cut the grooves.

Inspired by a conversation I had on the board yesterday, I've listened to all five original Simon and Garfunkel albums since last night. Apart from a couple of songs, I hadn't heard most of this music in a long, long time. Even so, I still know the songs well enough to sing along. So many memories.
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