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I've Got Nothing

Snagged from stephl.

last cigarette: It was very early in the morning of August 17, 1967. Really, I’m not kidding. It was the first cigarette I ever had, too. On August 16, 1967, I stayed over at the house of a friend of mine from high school, Jim Wickham. I was fourteen. We camped out in the back yard, and in the wee hours, decided to enjoy our freedom by going out for a walk around his neighborhood. As we were walking, Jim pulled out a pack of smokes. I tried one, and didn't see what the big deal was. Never had another, ever. Just as well that neither of us had any more that night, because Jim's dad was waiting for us in the backyard when we returned at about 2 am. He wasn't very happy as it was, much less if we had shown up with smokes.

I knew that this had happened in August 1967. The reason I can specify the exact date is that later that afternoon, Jim's dad took us to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play the Orioles. I still have the scorecard I kept at the game that day. When I was thinking about this question, I went upstairs and grabbed it thinking the date would be in it. No such luck. However, I did have the teams, and the pitchers, and the score of the game, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, was able to find out that the date that the Orioles beat the Yankees 4-1 was August 17.

It was a good game, according to my score card. Gene Brabender pitched for the Orioles, Fritz Peterson for the Yanks. Peterson was throwing a one-hitter until the seventh when the Orioles started hitting him hard, and Brabender threw a four hitter. Three future Hall of Famers played in the game. Frank Robinson was 3 for 5, with a double, Brooks Robinson was 0 for 4, and Mickey Mantle was 0 for 4. It was the fourth game I ever attended, and the earliest for which I still have the score card.

last car ride: Stupid question. Coming home from work tonight.
last kiss: Last one that actually meant something to both parties involved? June 25, 1987. Yup, not kidding on that one, either. You know, that's really, really, frelling depressing...
last good cry: This question shows up on a helluva lot of memes, doesn't it? Sometime in July 1985, the day after my dog got killed by a car as I watched.
last library book: It's been awhile. Some technothriller by Steven Coonts or Dale Brown, I think.
last movie seen: In a theatre? Lawrence of Arabia.
last book finished: Master and Commander, by Patrick O'Brian.
last beverage drunk: Yeungling Lager.
last food consumed: Cheeseburger and nachos.
last crush: I'll need a few more Yeunglings, I think, before I contemplate answering that.
last phone call: Non-business? theodosia, to tell her I wasn't going to make it to see X-Men 2. I don't make a lot of calls.
last TV show watched: Buffy, last night.
last time showered: This morning. That's another one that crops up all the time. Why is this important again?
last shoes worn: Etonic Trans Am Trainers.
last CD played: Pretty Together - Sloan.
last item bought: SAE 30 oil for the lawnmower, and a plastic storage thingey.
last downloaded: Last night's Buffy on BitTorrent.
last annoyance: The price of beef at the supermarket.
last disappointment: Hard to say. One recent disappointment got undone today. Maybe not getting to see X-Men 2 with the Somervillains.
last soda drunk: Coke.
last thing written: Actual work? A filk I wrote called "Smite".
last key used: Back door. WTF?
last word spoken: Thanks.
last sleep: Last night. WTF?
last IM: "Night." to msbelle the other night.
last sexual fantasy: Nope, a gentleman never tells.
last weird encounter: Nothing comes to mind.
last ice cream eaten: B&J Chocolate Fudge Brownie a few weeks ago.
last time amused: Earlier tonight re-reading an old comment I'd put in maywalker's LJ. (Edit: It's either that, or gchick's entry about the dogs shredding all her shopping bags. Don't quite remember which I read last).
last time wanting to die: Never wanted to die. Have wanted to move to a different plane of existence on occasion.
last time in love: Nope, still haven't had enough Yeungling.
last time hugged: At a get together with the v-ball people a couple of weeks ago.
last time scolded: Beats me. Doesn't happen much, so it's hard to recall any specific instances.
last time resentful: Beats me. I resent a lot of stuff.
last chair sat in: My computer desk chair. DUH!!!
last lipstick used: Yeah... Right...

Actually, I did do something. For a change it wasn't raining after work, so I got on the bike and did 13.5 miles. Very weird looking sky, lots of black clouds with gaps of blue sky between. It was about sixty degrees, with absolutely no wind, which is rare and wonderful round these parts.

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