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Swiped from serenada. Almost went with most of her answers, too.


1. Name your favorite character ever. Yes. You can only pick one.

2. Give one line you love:
"Undo it! Undo it!"

3. Favorite three episodes.
Pangs -- First episode I ever saw. Got me hooked big time.
Intervention -- The Buffybot and noble!Spike.
Once More with Feeling -- Just bloody brilliant.

4. Favorite villain
The Mayor.

5. Favorite song used in a scene
The only one I even remember is "Wild Horses."

6. Favorite season
Season three. (Although there's that run of episodes in S4 from "Fear Itself" to "Hush" that is absolutely wonderful.)

7. Scariest episode
"Hush." Gave me actual nightmares.

8. Best kiss/sex scene/romantic whatever... it can be tame or not:
Where Spike tends to Buffy's hands in S6.

9. Favorite relationship (of any kind):

10. Set/location you'll miss the most:
The Magic Box.

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