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Fear and Breathing in Slocum

Got a lot of stuff accomplished today. First off, the ice treatments have been doing much good work on the toe. It's still tender, but I can walk reasonably well, as long as I don't bump into anything with that side of my foot. This means I was able to do stuff today, instead of sitting around. Also, it wasn't raining, and the sun even poked through the clouds on occasion, so outdoor work was possible.

First off, I bought a 24' extension ladder at the Depot ($89 on sale!), and used it to do a partial repair on the gutter. I had sort of forgotten how intense my fear of falling can be in situations like that. The gutter is about twenty feet up. I'm usually okay to about twelve feet up, which, since I'm almost six-feet tall, means about I can go five or six steps up the ladder before the terror creeps in. And I really do mean terror. I got to the twelve foot mark, and there was a good two or three minutes where I just stopped there, looking at the impossible height of the gutter, thinking to myself that I really ought to just hire someone to do it, but if I do that it'll fall off in the interim, and god please don't let the ladder break, but I'm leaving for LA on Thursday, so it has to be done now...

I decided that a fall from one more step up the ladder would be no worse that the one I was on, so I forced myself to carefully go up a rung. The I reset, and decided the same thing, and again and again until I was finally close enough to actually see what needed to be done. The gutter had pulled loose from the house at one end, and was just hanging on by the last two attachments at the south end of the house. I thought I was actually going to have to get above the frelling thing to fix it, but it turns out the attachments are 6" long spikes that extend out the outer edge of the gutter, so all I needed to do was put it back in place, and hammer the spikes back in, which I could do from somewhat below. Now, I just needed a hammer...

Back down the ladder, then down into the basement to retrieve a hammer, then back up the ladder, by pretty much the same process, although this time there was the whole, "Well you've already done this once," thing as incentive. Get to hammering range, maneuver the thing into place, and very carefully drive home the spike. Probably the scariest part, because the ladder flexed a bit every time I hit the nail. Also drove the next spike in line in, and then descended, and decided that it wasn't going to fall off in the next few weeks, and maybe in the meantime I can find someone who doesn't quite mind the height so much to finish the rest of the loose spikes. (And someone volunteered, woo!)

Once my heart rate settled down, I took a ride over to Schartner's, and bought some tomato and canteloupe plants. Threw some compost on the tomato patch, turned it over, raked it smooth, and planted the seedlings, eight tomato and four canteloupe total. That concludes my gardening for the season.

Went inside, finished up some other stuff I needed to get done before Thursday, and did the laundry, as well. Now, I'm pooped.

Tomorrow, I have to go to the hospital to take a pulmonary function test to see how bad my asthma really is. Still coughing, and it really got worse in the cold and wet this week. Also have a few last minute errands I need to do before I leave. Got to pack, too.

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