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Holiday: Thursday

Never really had the chance to do any updates in LA, which is sort of surprising considering the massive sleep deficit I built up while there. I am still beat after two reasonably sleep-filled nights. The lack of sleep started even before I left. I was up until midnight Wednesday packing, knowing that I had to be up at 4 am for my six o'clock flight. This was probably a good thing, because I had no sooner laid down, when the power went off, resetting my alarm clock. Wound up getting about three hours sleep that night, and this pretty much continued through the weekend. I didn't so much sleep at night as I did take longish naps in the wee hours.

The Hard Way...
I've made a big mental note to never panic-buy an airplane ticket again. Back when I was first planning the trip I found a couple of great potential flights to Burbank on United and Southwest. I didn't book them because we still didn't officially have the hotel at that point. The following weekend I went to book, and the prices had gone up astronomically. Delta still had a cheap fare that got me there, but I had to leave at 6 am, fly to Cincy, fly on to Phoenix, change airlines (to America West), and then on to Burbank, eleven hours. But it was cheap, so I booked it. Orbitz never mentioned that when I got to Phoenix I would have to exit security, exit the terminal 3, wait for a bus to terminal 4 (it was only 106°F at the time, because it was still early in the day), check in again, go through security again... Next time I'll pay the extra to avoid that.

On the Cincy to Phoenix leg, the person seated behind me was a four year old boy who was constantly kicking my seat. His mom kept gently telling him not to do it, without much success until she finally told him to sit "Criss-cross Applesauce." It worked. He stopped kicking me. Yay! Later, the pilot mentioned that we were passing over Albuquerque, and I was thinking, "I hope he made that left turn..."

While waiting in Phoenix, I was sitting next to a elderly couple. He was in his early eighties, and she was frail, and needed one of the courtesy wheel chairs to get around. They sat next to each other in the terminal, bantering back and forth, and he had is arm around her affectionately, and you could tell that they were still very much in love after a lifetime together. Very cool.

In A Foreign Land...
Burbank airport is very small. Not as small as Hilton Head, but it doesn't have jetways, so one uses the old style staircases to board and deplane. The baggage claim area is outdoors. Got my bags, went to get my car, and realized that not only hadn't I brought my confirmation along, but I also didn't even remember what company I had rented the car from. Bother. I thought it might be Budget, but it wasn't, so I asked where the Dollar booth was, and they sent me to the Hilton about a half mile away. Dragging my luggage behind me. Got to the Hilton, but it wasn't them, either. The guy there took pity on me, and called around and found my reservation at Enterprise, which was across the parking lot. I originally reserved an SUV, but in talking with the associate, I mentioned that I was with a group, and he offered me a mini-van at the same rate. That's how I wound up with Roscoe, the Waffle Van of Fun, which had the turning radius of a smallish aircraft carrier. After that, it was just a short jaunt to the hotel.

Sitting in my Hotel...
First thing I did was set up the laptop to check the F2F thread to see who else was around. theodosia was doing the same thing, and we found a bunch of folks already congregating in tortoiseshell's suite. After some beer, most went off to the improv, while nestra, shrift, and I headed off the see X 2, which was great fun. Even funnier was watching shrift and Nestra's giggling to the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer, possibly the gayest trailer ever made. Got back around midnight, and went to sleep twenty-four hours after I got up.

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