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All Day and All of the Night: Friday - Monday

Sunny Afternoon...
If Thursday was a day for getting one's bearings, Friday was a day for getting up to speed. Started out by going to Roscoe's for chicken and waffles, led by seankozma. We followed that up with a strenuous afternoon of sitting by the pool watching gorgeous Buffistas frolick, and greeting new arrivals as they filtered in. Later there was Mexican food for dinner, and nattering in the hospitality suite into the wee hours.

This Is Where I Belong...
Saturday was the main event. Everyone was around. We started off the day in the hospitality suite watching cartoons and planning activities for the afternoon. I chose to join the bowling expedition. First time I'd bowled in at least ten years. Lots of fun. I was on a lane with CaBil, Sean, Jen, and JZ, and JZ kicked our asses while wearing a hoop skirt. I managed to get lucky on a couple of frames in the second string, and rolled a 126, which I was very pleased with.

Returned to the hospitality suite for the OMWF sing-a-long, which I videotaped on the camcorder. The only problem with that is that when I'm singing, my voice is so close to the microphone that it sort of drowns out the rest of the sound. Plus, I had a couple of Nuke LaLouche moments where I kind of messed up some of the words... Bother. Later, I set the camera up to face the group, but that turned out to be pretty boring visually. Oh well.

Come Dancing...
The prom was great. My room was immediately adjacent to the prom room, so I set up the laptop so people could post during the event. So many foamy people. A couple of them broke me they were so gorgeous. Plus there were women with too much candy, which has now become a tradition, albeit a strange one. Plus, I got a crown and a personalized notebook. I've got a lot of the party and the foaminess on video. Unfortunately, the exposure control on the camcorder went wonky right as we were making the presentations of medals to the Allyson, Maya, Kat, and Emily, and the gifts we had for serenada. Emily was absolutely thrilled with her medal, it was so much fun to see her so happy, and serenada really liked the action figure.

Afterwards we crammed into the hospitality suite to watch a silent high-speed Anthony Denisof film festival. Got to sleep around 3 am PDT.

Till The End Of The Day...
Got up around 6 am. Don't know why. Had an annoying dream. Got some breakfast, and sat with veejane and some other folks on the patio while we waited for the hospitality suite to open up. Watched some cartoons. Around noon we headed out for Dodger Stadium to see the Dodgers play the Brewers. Waited forty years for the opportunity to watch the Dodgers play on their home field. Beautiful, immaculately kept park. The only weird thing is that the ballpark is built into the side of a hill, and the entrance is at the very top of the hill, which means you have to climb a lot of steps to get there. This, combined with the smog, did not help my lungs at all. Once you get inside, there are no escalators down to the lower level. You have to wait for an elevator, which is very strange. It turns out there are also stairs I could have used, but the ushers didn't show me those. It was a good game, but the Dodgers lost 4-3.

Afterwards, aimeejmc and I took susanw to the airport, then went back to the suite. Trudy and Madrigal needed rides to LAX, so Joe and I took them there, while most of the remaining people watched vids. Got back for pizza and more vids. Got to bed about midnight.

Nothing Lasts Forever...
Got up at five, collected mearagrrl, and headed for the airport. Did the whole trip in reverse, except without anything interesting happening. At least not that I noticed, because I was only mostly-conscious. Rolled into my driveway around 10 pm. The end.

I had a great time. The last one felt hurried, because most of us were only there for two nights. This time I was there for four, and it made a big difference. I got a chance to talk to some of the people I hadn't spent much time with in Chicago, like stephl, shrift, and Jessimoon. Got to meet a lot of new faces, too, and spend quality time with them. It truly is a great group of people.

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