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The weekend was fun. Alex and Durrah were up from NJ, and Durrah had never been to New England before, so we played tourist. Went to Boston on Saturday, intending to hit the Freedom Trail, but traffic was a huge mess (there were competing festivals of various sorts all day), and we couldn't get anywhere near the Common, so we went to the Science Museum instead. It was okay. I was looking forward to the planetarium show, but was sort of disappointed. The opening part, where the museum person talked about what's in the local sky tonight, along with a description of the program we were about to see, were dumbed down pretty much to kindergarten level.

"How many people have ever heard of a 'light year'?"
Every single person in the planetarium raises their hand.
"I see a few have. A 'light year' is the distance..."

The canned program was okay, and assumed a higher level of education, but I discovered that going to planetarium after having only four hours sleep the night before is not the best way to stay alert for the duration of show. The rest of the museum was okay, but I suspect my reactions were colored by the fact that my digital camera fell out of my pack onto the floor, destroying it. (I took a look at it again last night. It is well and truly frelled. Bother.) After the museum we drove up to Harvard Square, encountering tons more traffic before finally deciding it would be easier to go back to Rhody to have dinner. I did come away feeling pretty chuffed that I managed to navigate my way to and around Harvard Square without getting lost despite all the road-blocks and detours we encountered. Go me!

Sunday we started out by heading for Newport, but the fog on the water was so thick that you couldn't see anything. We did drive by the mansions, but we didn't stop at any, deciding instead to head up to Fall River to tour the USS Massachusetts. Had a ball clambering around on the battleship. I had not visited Battleship Cove for a few years, and there were a number of new exhibits. We actually ran out of time, and never did get to explore the Russian corvette that they'd added to the collection. Fun was had.

Yesterday was gorgeous, and I got to spend it working and mowing the lawn. However, today is also gorgeous, and I fully expect to be able to haul out the bike this evening. Finally!

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