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Two golden, sunshiny days in a row. Yesterday was wonderful, warm but not humid. Then the humidity rolled in last night, and now it's summertime. Spring lasted for a day. Sigh. The sun is supposed to stay out through Friday, and then there's, what else, rain predicted for the weekend. Double sigh...

Mowed the lawn tonight, and must have been doing an excellent job because my neighbor's six year-old daughter pulled her beach chair over to the edge of her yard, and then sat fascinated, watching me cut the grass for half an hour or so. Either that, or she was secretly laughing at me because her daddy has a lawn tractor while I have to walk behind my mower. She's a cutie (and will be quite the heart breaker when she grows up).

Tomorrow should be fun because the air show is coming to town this weekend, which means the Blue Angels will probably arrive tomorrow to start practicing, and I'll be able to stand in front of the building for the next few days watching blue and gold jets streak back and forth over the base at very high speeds.

Meanwhile I'm about a quarter of the way through The Golden Compass. I'm liking it so far, although I'm still trying to figure out exactly how alternate the alternate universe is. (Although a pet peeve of mine was tweaked by the fact that air travel in the book is by zeppelin. It seems that whenever an author wants to make his alternate universe *truly* different he replaces airplanes with dirigibles, despite the fact that they're hideously impractical. They're terribly susceptible to weather conditions, and even when you fill them with helium they crash if you just look at them cross-eyed.) I'm also still trying to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are, but it's early. It just struck me that the Master attempting to poison Lord Asriel simply because he wanted a further research grant was sort of an extreme take on academic rejection. My god, if my thesis committee had that option I'd have been pushing up daisies these twenty years now...

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