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Blue ones.

Spent lunch parked by the O-Club, and overlooking the airport, watching the two Blue Angel soloists practice their routines. Way better view than from the front lawn of our building. The diamond hasn't gone up yet, but maybe later this afternoon. (The Blue Angels have six aircraft, four that fly together in close formation (the diamond), and two soloists who do most of the high-performance maneuvers.)

Damn, it is wicked hot outside. The A/C may get installed in the back room tonight. I hate doing it, because there's only one window in the room, so you lose all chance at fresh air in there once you install. But it's just too damn hot out.

We'll see. I was comfortable enough last night with the window fan and the attic fan going. But it wasn't this hot. I wish I had another window in the back room, or at least a window big enough in another room that I could install a big A/C that would do the whole first floor. Feh.

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