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Banging my Head Against Access

Today would've been my twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Damn I'm old...

Managed to finish most of the quotation application today. Still a couple of thing to finish this weekend, but it should be working for some testing on Monday. Access is driving me crazy. Somethings that are conceptually so simple are just so difficult to actually implement. For example, the first part of the application has the operator input the recipe components for the standard in a subform, one component at a time. I wanted the subform to automatically number each component record sequentially, starting at one. The autonumber won't work for this because it just picks up where it left of the last time. There is a published workaround to do this in a report, but not in a form. I tried setting up a field in the subform to count the component records for the standard, and then set the default value for the new record to the count plus one. For God knows what reason, it numbered the first component '1', the second component '1', and incremented after that. If you stopped and clicked on an earlier record, it reset the counter to the correct position, but then did the same behavior from that point. After a good day of banging my head against it, trying various permutations of the code with different triggering events, I finally tried counting the records in the table using DCount(), rather than using Count() in the form. That worked. I have no clue as to why the other ways didn't. It really ought to be simpler than that, ya know?

New Farscape tonight. Aeryn's back. Damn it was good.

No ride today, but I'll hit the bike path in the morning before I head up to Somerville to play games with the Somervillains. Should be a good day. Now to sleep.
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