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Name Game

DX, DX, bo BeeX,
Banana fana fo FeeX,
Fee fie mo MeeX,

1) Your LJ user name--how did you come up with it, where did it come from? And do you have a different pseud for writing/lists/whatever? How do you decide when to use which?

It's a pun on deus ex machina, the Greek theatre term meaning "god out of machine." I was involved in a bit of a computer prank war with a friend of mine in grad school, and I created a character named Daeus X. Machina as the imp of a computer daemon who was supposed to protect my space on URI's Prime system from intrusion from the evil Mellowknee. After I left URI, Daeus came with me and set up residence in each new computer I got. I've mentioned that I often write essays as conversations between me and an alter ego, and those conversation were usually with Daeus. When I signed up with Quantum Link, I needed a screen name. Most of the combinations of my real name were already taken, so I tried to use Daeus X Machina, but it was too long, so I shortened it to DXMachina. Quantum Link became AOL, and I kept the same name, and used it when I first joined TT (again, simple versions of my real name were already gone). Since then I've generally used DX for any online forum I join.

There are some exceptions. I use a different pseud to leech files on IRC, and I have a few extra pseuds for use as characters in Sang Sacre. And I've had to use variations of DXMachina at some places like Yahoo, because there are at least two other DX's out on the interbunny. One usually spells it as "DX Machina", and writes porn about giantesses. The other is an online gamer who usually spells it "DXmachina." Accept no substitutes...

2) Any stories about how your family chose your RL first/middle names? Is there something you were *almost* named until saner heads prevailed?

I'm a "III," named after my father and my grandfather, so there was no chance I would've been named something else. Which doesn't bother me in the least, because I like my real name. Always have.

3) What's the coolest name you've encountered (either real or pseud), one you really wish you had?

As noted, I've never wanted a different RL name (although perhaps I could get a little more action if it were something like "Harrison Ford"). Coolest pseud? None that I'd want to use, because they don't suit me, but some that I've liked include Trudy Booth (once I found out about the pun), Persephone Moon, Gudanov, Nutley, Knut the Difficult, and Manservant Hecubus.

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