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Evil Cheats

Had much fun playing the Buffy board game yesterday with the Somervillains. Good triumphed over evil twice, first the Master, then the Mayor. Of course, I wasn't very sure it'd go that way at first, at least for me:

Jon (walks in door): Dibs on Oz. Hi Tom.

Nutty (walks in door): I'm evil!

Everyone else: We know. Oh, you mean in the game.

Jen's DH: I'll be Willow.

Emily: I'm Buffy.

Me (Notices that Xander is the only character left. Conventional wisdom has it that Xander always dies first.): Uh oh...

Jon: Now everybody gets to draw a helpful card.

Emily!Buffy (Draws a big, honkin' sword): I fight with weapons.

Jen's DH!Willow (Draws a helpful spell): Cool!

Jon!Oz: (Draws a #2 pencil, useful for staking vampires): Cool!

Nutty!Master (Draws an evil card): Mwahahahaha!

Me!Xander (Draws S2!Jonathan as an ally): I am so dead...

But in the end, Xander survived, due to my sound strategy of identifying evil and running away from it. I then passed the torch to Victor for the second game, and spent the rest of the evening as a snarky spectator. The game is very much fun, especially when margaritas are involved.

Had done two laps on the bike path earlier in the day. The weather was nice, with a good breeze. Lots of speed bumps about - people just standing in place blocking the lane, one pair who thought they were supposed to ride in the left lane, a pair of runners running abreast who refused to run in line when there was traffic coming. Feh. Get out of the frellin' way...

Didn't feel all that well today, so I didn't ride. Even wound up taking a nap around 5 p.m., which means, of course, that I'm still groggy. Did do some errands and stuff, so it wasn't a complete waste of a day. Also worked on the quote database a bit, but still haven't got it right yet. I think I know what I need to do, but don't have the energy to invest in it right now.
Tags: biking, games, humor, somervillains

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