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On Being a Lump

This weekend I decided to explore the ins and outs of lumpitude. Part of this is because I didn't feel all that well on Friday. This was mostly my own fault. Since I was still having hack attacks even while on Advair, I wanted to see exactly how much good the Advair was really doing for me, so I went off it for a couple of days. I've had better ideas. By Friday morning I could tell that the Advair, though not the perfect cure it's supposed to be, does do valuable service to my lungs. The extra coughing, plus the hard ride I'd had Thursday night, set off some muscle cramps across my chest. Very painful on Friday, merely annoying on Saturday and Sunday, but enough to keep me off my bike. So, lumpdom it was to be.

Friday night I picked up the first season of Futurama on DVD, and settled in to watch. Futurama is a show I always liked, but never got into the habit of watching regularly because Fox was always pre-empting it because of football. It's a shame because it's hugely funny.

Saturday I played Master of Magic on the computer, watched more Futurama, and waited for people to post on b.org. I did a teensy amount of work of the shelves, gluing one up, and doing the prep work on a second. But that was in the basement, and my chair was so comfy...

Sunday, at least, I got out of the house. Drove up to Victor and Thessaly's to help out with a computer problem they were having. The hard drive on their machine had died, so we were going to build a new machine out of parts from that machine, and another that had been given them. It turned out, at first glance, that the only problem with the first hard drive was that the IDE cable had come loose, so after much moving of drives around and such, we actually had not one, but two computers up and running. We also had nummy Indian food, and watched the F2F video, so it was a good afternoon. The only negative was that after I got home, there was an e-mail from Victor saying that the original computer was starting to act wonky again, so apparently we didn't actually fix anything. Sigh...

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