Friday, July 18th, 2003
10:02 pm - What Shall I Do?  
First day on the meds, and I felt a bit better for most of the day, but now I feel completely worn out. Already napped some in front of the TV, but I'm still terribly tired. The fact that it's wicked humid out doesn't seem to be helping much.

OTOH, it could definitely be worse. When I went into work this morning I found out our marketing guy was in the hospital with a kidney stone. Ouch! I'll gladly take tired and dopey over that.

The doctor agreed with me about the Flovent vs. Advair thing, so I'm back on the Flovent. I had to go to the pharmacy anyway, because they didn't follow my doctor's instructions on one of the scripts I got filled yesterday. He called for 100 pills, and they only filled it with 30. I didn't notice until this morning. When I went back they said it was because my insurance will only pay for thirty at a time. So I asked how much 100 would be without insurance. They said $32. With insurance, it was $10 for the thirty, so I not only got the number of pills I was supposed to, I also got it ever so slightly cheaper without the insurance. Ye gods! I'm pretty pissed off at the pharmacy because they should have mentioned it when I originally picked up the prescription yesterday. Morons.

Now I have to figure out what to treat myself to in accordance with msbelle's "be nice to yourself" meme. The problem I'm having is that just laying around and reading or watching TV might have worked, but right now that's doctor's orders, so it kind of takes the fun out of it. What to do, what to do?
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Current Music: "Mrs. Robinson" - Simon and Garfunkel
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on July 18th, 2003 - 08:25 pm
DXMachinadxmachina on July 18th, 2003 - 08:49 pm
Heh. Not so much, no. Old model railroading, or scale modeling magazines, maybe.
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Veejaneveejane on July 19th, 2003 - 06:10 am
I am thinking something intricate that can be done from the launch pad of a card table: um, which in my case would be sewing, but I'm thinking popsicle-stick sculpture, or perhaps designing and building a paper airplane out of aluminum wire.

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DXMachinadxmachina on July 19th, 2003 - 06:33 am
Yeah, I was thinking of that. I have a bunch of unbuilt plastic model kits. That could work.
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DXMachinadxmachina on July 19th, 2003 - 11:26 am
>perhaps designing and building a paper airplane out of aluminum wire.

Also, I know I'm groggy, but wouldn't this then be an *aluminum* airplane?
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