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Snagged from luluminion. This is just... neat.

An example:

dxmachina's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in dxmachina's journal.)

I would it where the ground. Does do the year, and spend a path; of
probability branches, but very steep hill, I invariably have a few
years and hike. I was breathing pretty much bothered me: walked it.
Pure evil is Arsenic and the ceiling that; competitive focus. And it
will probably had me.

-- dxmachina

Plus, the center of technological advance, and then as part of the bike
at it: will gravitate towards those scenes if you're going over a
little relevance to daemons, or the Frog! After much later in this
morning? So, I started packing everything about nothing but it; in much
advice, I suspect it was great but enough to haul the first glance, that
I tried a guy had I'm Going the other night, was a chemist. Unless I
actually, fix Donna bike my record. Played Master of description that
like it: is A second if best vacation ever so: little second haven't
they still it's not I wouldn't be completely fun, and I loved the
ceiling, still the habit of internet relationships: moment, as hot
summer, windows and attempt to compress that one episode, on the
original computer games, when I was today, and we also my swing or even
read much did want to Donna's for serenada this; do you will not second
best way, to see how did want to Spring Training, in the original
computer games when you grew up on the basement, had no clue what I
started shivering a teensy amount of the rest of the sun oldest world
of data builds a living room with it was nice course then went down and
made me seriously running out of exploring of shelves, I finally the
disconnect with a look at times it.


My not I do This is traditionally the same tonight: and pretty slowly
developing course my network mind but I'll take to start working on
heading up to wake can actually did make a point to use it both are
Kermit always am you are far; more efficiently process what she has; a
tree in Middle of The difference. Actually start working on the dog
so, written; suckalicious days nor as Destiny, but I realized that the
time; by Quizilla I sat a map that and how much I can be able a health
inspector out to do plan on autopilot, thinking that he's very hot
summer, and waited for the other than Celegorm and feeling a flat, so
It's funny to an outfit called Movies Unlimited (and breezy).

Brain DX, DX, DX, DX. Sigh. On weekday mornings?


You jumped in which, I was able to do still winter there was wasn't able
to discuss my daydreams are may the oil went over to the bike was to
Spring and Luthien, but it's not one to play on; who had not enough to
be quite a razor sharp demarcation. The very hot nor as I realized I
do in pleasant. Check out; which through the top something I slept.

Instead, I decided that one builds a lot of Thunderbirds episodes; of
time to do all that the best total, for FotR, and started my chest.
When if slow going to haul the motion of Thunderbirds episodes: of the
time we didn't match their situation is a few DVDs in case is was
mostly my enjoyment of the top something suitable to go know that way
softball tournament: and descriptions, but I was completely out much
later had me off season of jigsaw puzzle of the winner got to the menu
was to keep guessed it twenty minutes ahead of the summer and
creativity, and it's been easy but it was almost as Destiny, but I am
wouldn't be; meet their time.


Plus, the center of time: doing, you tend to the East Bay is still
doesn't do valuable service to be the house current queue is both mommy
and spent most; of jigsaw puzzle of compressed gas. The very hot
summer where Sauron turns out, for the was reminded of it, up what is a
perfect moment as hot but I had a tree and down there was probably had
planned to be, taken it. Just hard enough no bed? My seven day to
be hard time doing was I can look at vw's, my best friend got home the
only problem with rot, too.

I've had more of the single facet of Kavalier and partly because I
wasn't anything so it's just so there was a good lived in the dormer.


I had originally your hydrogen, you build a point second best things
about the Bay some time; of the ancient maple in detail before: it.
One? You do have big a fever. DX, you build a the same. I've been on
a the mix, who had an unfamiliar area.


You jumped in which, I was whether or steal your critical faculties in
either a path but it's hugely funny: to be build a logical, slowly
developing course I could feel like McDonald's biking today which was
trying to do miles; and writing the forms of how unlikely some
discussion of thunder and while on out to you can compress that riding,
along with the thunder and woods to Acadia do valuable service to be.

I need of a have sufficient verbal skills or risk
missing out. The ones who I'm in the sun and second,
If I have Donna's for the perfect Sunday afternoon.
You are there are; good friends, on the year by the
experience of that I rhyme. He's not seen a few
years, ago, the talking dog: but it Well, although that
if I'm in the bookcases for me too, Much, quality
computer I think you are werewolves.


I've got us. I happen in much more familiar the yourself and to be
does the very lot. Have because the mail from tanks of Futurama on
the fact that he was pretty slowly developing course, I stopped at all,
at all got a little weird to build me, with little trimmed here be you
planning to the humidity, had been hot, and Thessaly's to be some more
of the indecision and runs I suddenly started my v ball fleeting nature
of time we got off the rest of technological advance, and then partied
the final game and a nap.

By you dark and the basement, after Much I tried a it, I was
surprised the nearest one episode, on it turned on them,
sufficient notice that it's taking me seriously running: out to
use it went summer, and settled in a bit of a page or french

When I went down and it Altamira Composer or bears, but
include some exploring of Nutley and it always taught
that, the no good thing you shouldn't be.

If you want to try it on your journal, go here, and add your LJ name after the question mark in the URL. Unfortunately, it only works for paid users.

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