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New Vehicle

The big news is that I bought a truck today, a Chevy S-10 with and extended cab. I wanted a Ranger, but there were no extended cabs left at the local Ford dealer. Things I really like about the truck - the dual cassette/CD player and the third door for the extend cab. Things I'm not crazy about - only 2wd. The 4wd version was about $8K more, just couldn't swing it. It's only got a 4 cylinder engine, good on gas, not so good on power. It's also an automatic - I'd have preferred a five speed. I get to pick it up on Monday. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Johnston to pick it up.

Talked to the folks tonight. Sis #3 and her DH have bought some land on a lake in Maine, where they plan to build a campground. So cool. Someplace to go for vacation.

Mom also sent me an article. The priest who was headmaster of the Prep when I went there was just arrested in a sex sting in Montreal. No details about why he was arrested, but it's very weird.

Farscape was very cool last night. Crichton and Chiana trapped in Stark's game, with cameos from all the Farscapers past. Plus Claudia Black in a blonde wig speaking a southern accent with a lisp.
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