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Back in the Saddle

Finally! Did eight miles on the bike tonight. Took it nice and easy, but still had a pretty good time. No pain, and I felt strong on the hills, but the stamina isn't there at all, and I did tire. The strength may be somewhat illusory. I'm fifteen pounds lighter than last time I rode. Less to haul up the hills. Still humid as all get out, but there was a decent breeze, so it wasn't oppressive. It just felt so good to get out. The last time I rode was a full month ago.

Put the second application of stain on the shelves last night, and the first coat of polyurethane tonight. Two more coats on the visible surfaces tomorrow night, and they'll be done.

I'm bingeing on Sharpe. I started rereading Sharpe's Rifles the other day. The Sharpe books are easy. Plenty of detail, yet quick to read and lots of fun. I also watched the Sharpe's Rifles episode last night, just to set the mood, and spy out any differences. In the book Sharpe is already an officer, having saved Wellesley's life in India, rather than in Spain as shown, but for the most part the episode has followed the main storyline of the book. There are differences in the other story lines, and there is also the insertion of Theresa into the plot as the love interest. (Theresa doesn't actually show up until the third book, Sharpe's Gold.) Some of the riflemen's names are swapped - Isaiah Tongue in the book winds up being Harris on the screen. Cooper dies in the very first chapter.

The biggest historical difference so far is the use of the term "chosen men" for the sharpshooters. The subject came up not long ago, and I knew that the series didn't use the term properly, but had forgotten exactly what the original meaning was. Turns out that "chosen man" was just the old name for a lance corporal, i.e., one rung up the ladder from an ordinary private. A chosen man would be the leader of a squad of men, rather than a specialist as depicted in the series. Dramatic license, but not a too big a stretch. Watched Sharpe's Eagle tonight, with the odious Sir Henry Simmerson. Theresa is in this one, too.

In other couch potato news, my complete set of Captain Scarlet DVDs showed up today. CS was the next supermarionation series after Thunderbirds. I don't think I've seen any of the episodes since they were broadcast in reruns in the early seventies. Watched the first one tonight. As usual, the vehicles and effects are the stars of the show, and the plot has holes big enough to fly Thunderbird 2 through, much less and SPV. More on this at a later date.
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