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Fear Factor

Did nine miles tonight before the lightning showed up. I probably should've skipped it, because I hadn't got past my neighbor's house before I realized that my legs were already tired. I kept going though. Wasn't as nice as last night, more humid, less breeze. My time was still good. I will probably skip tomorrow night and let the legs recover.

One nice thing about the ride was that about halfway through it suddenly occurred to me that it felt like a normal ride. Last night, I spent a good part of the ride in apprehension that perhaps the doctors had missed something, and that I would drop dead in the middle of the big cemetary where I was riding. I was conscious of my heartbeat, my breathing, and how I felt immediately after the ride. Tonight that wasn't even a factor. None of that stuff had even crossed my mind. No fear.

The fear actually came a bit later when for the second night in a row I almost wiped out turning onto the road back to my street from Rt. 2. The road connects at about a 60° angle, and I had to make the sharper corner from the direction I was coming. A month ago it was no problem. In the interim, they patched a big pothole right at the inside of the sharp corner, and now it's much worse than it was. The patch they used didn't withstand the big dump trucks that go up that road, so the hole is back, and now it's filled and surrounded by loose cold patch. That's fine, I can go around it, but that course takes me into the oncoming lane, usually not a problem on that road, but the past two nights there's been a vehicle coming the other way, and I didn't see either until after I had started my turn. This caused me to sharpen the turn abruptly, which put me back in the gravel, and the back wheel started sliding. Both times I managed to save it, fortunately. What was weird was that tonight I was even thinking about what happened last night, and I still didn't see the pick-up coming. Probably concentrating too much on the frelling pothole. Bother.

Finished finishing the base shelves tonight, so that's all done. They'll be dry before I go to bed, so I'll install them tonight. Now for the rest of the shelves.

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