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A Camping We Will Go, A Camping We Will Go...

Just about done packing for the Great White North. Canada, eh! Got a clamp on soft tonneau cover for the truck, plus a rubber mat for the bed. Didn't take long to install either, total cost about $230. I also ordered a lockable fiberglass lid which will be installed in about 4 weeks. That was $700.

Everything fits with room to spare. I was even able to hook the bike rack on the back, although it's basically attached to the tonneau, not the truck. Don't know if this trick will work with the lid. Note to self, make sure to add some extra tie downs to the bike rack to anchor it to the actual truck.

I am very beat. Been running around all day doing stuff, as well as loading the truck. It was in the high eighties, and though it wasn't as humid as earlier in the week, it was humid enough. Plus the a/c in the back room (the new one...) couldn't handle it today. It's on full bore, and it's still eighty-something in the room. Don't know why that should be, unless it's just too small for that very small room.

Oh well. Off to finish getting ready. I want to get up at 5 a.m. So it'll be early to bed for me.
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