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Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink.

This week's Friday Five is very lame, so I guess I'll go with content instead.

It was crisp and cool this morning, and seems a lovely day outside. The big news in town is that the frelling water in the north end of town is contaminated *again*. This is now the third time since September 2001, and the fourth in about five years. Fortunately, my house is on the Slocum system, which is independent of the contaminated system, but it's controlled by the same frelling morons who keep letting this happen to the north system, so I worry that eventually happen down here, too. The problem appears to be that they've been letting maintenance slide. The excuse they're giving is that they were going to disinfect that tank next week. Sure they were. They also don't chlorinate the water, which is fine, because the water tastes better. Most of the other towns around here don't chlorinate, either, but they also haven't let their supplies become contaminated four times in five years. I'm really having trouble trying to fathom the mind set of our water department.

Last evening was also lovely. Perfect temperature and not much wind. I rode 13.5 miles, and had my third best time of the summer, which surprised me (a lot) because I felt really slow on the long drag up South Road. Also, I hadn't been anywhere near that fast since coming back after the layoff. Go figure. Afterwards I spent some time working on a couple of little musical projects (a filk and a CD for a friend). I did some more on the shelves Wednesday night, cutting the shelves to length from the plywood planks I'd ripped way back when. Now I have this huge stack of thirty-two shelf blanks waiting to be matched up with facings. Still need to do the snazzing up of the facings (bead the front, and round over the back edge), and then I need to cut the slots for the biscuits on both the facings and the shelves so I can mate everything up. And a long weekend is coming up. Maybe I can actually get some of them put together.

Welcome to the world, little Casper.

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