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Saddle Sore

Gorgeous day today, brilliantly sunny, but with temperatures only in the high sixties. I was chilly sitting at my computer this morning. It was warmer in the basement. There must have been some weird passings of fronts the last few days, because since about Wednesday every day has been substantially different in temperature and humidity from the one before it.

Friday night I ate dessert (prepared by the incomparable debg), learned how to lose at Mah-Jongg, watched the trailers on the TTT DVD, and tried "real" ginger ale, which was very good. Alas tonight I have nought but Schweppes.

I good chunk of yesterday involved going in to work, because as I was getting ready to leave Friday night, I happened across a letter on my desk that I had forgotten about that needs responding to by the time business starts Tuesday morning. All the stuff that needed doing is done. I've got to go in again tomorrow and write a cover letter for the things I have to send, and then I can fax the whole shebang.

After that I went home and worked on some artwork for a little project I'm doing for a friend, and burned a CD for the same project. Then it was down to the basement to work on the shelves. I cut the slots for the biscuits in the shelves and the facings, four per piece times sixty-four pieces. Easy enough except for the having to fasten down each piece with four spring clamps before doing the cuts. Once my hands recover from all the squeezing, I should be able to crack walnuts with my fingers.

Today I finished milling the facings by cutting a bead along the bottom of the front of each one, and then rounding over the back bottom edge. The I started gluing the facings to the shelves. I only have enough clamps to glue up one shelf at a time. It takes thirty minutes for the glue to set, so this is going to take awhile. I've got four done so far.

Did twenty miles on the bike path this evening, including the fish ladder. The ramp is already falling apart. A huge chunk of chainlink fence had fallen off it's posts and was hanging across one lane of the path. My time for the ride sucked, which is weird, because I thought I was pushing it pretty well, but that long climb up from Peacedale is a speed killer. My legs were definitely feeling it by the end of the ride, but at least stamina wasn't a problem. I wasn't anywhere near running out of gas.

The bike's saddle needs some work again. It's very, very old. This is the third bike I've used it on. I hate standard saddles. They're awful. This one an old style triangular leather saddle, like what you used to find on old three-speeds, with the leather stretched over a framework of springs. Very comfortable. I picked it up at Benny's for about three bucks back when I was in grad school. Unfortunately, they don't make them like that anymore. Now it's all about gel-paks, which are soft, but do nothing for road bounce. (Let me just digress a moment to mention how stupid it is that the bicycle industry thinks that the answer to uncomfortable saddles is not to design a comfortable one, but rather to sew gel paks into bike pants.) Also, those kinds of seats irritate my skin. (I think it's the nylon outer coverings. I have the same problem with nylon wrapped neoprene knee braces and the like. I break out in a rash despite the fact that my skin isn't actually touching the seat/brace/wrap.) Anyway, the structural pieces on the side have succumbed to metal fatigue, and I need to figure out how to replace them. I already went through this with the back piece, and that involved a whole lot of metal forming that I really suck at doing. Feh.

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