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In Search of a Lost Chord

I've been gluing the facings to the shelves. Twelve done so far, twenty more to go. Yeesh. Once the glue has set, I still need to trim the facing flush with the shelf, and then trim the shelf to it's final depth. Or is it width? I'm running into problems with frame of reference. If you describe the shelves as independent pieces of wood, they are about 30" long by 9" wide by 1" deep. OTOH, if you refer to them in the context of the bookcase, each shelf is 30" wide by 9" deep by 1" high. Isn't that fun? Anyway, I still need to trim the shelves so that they are about 9" wide (or deep). Then I can sand them and start staining. Joy. What I ought to do now that I have a bunch glued up is do the final trim work and staining while I'm gluing up the rest, because the jobs can be done concurrently, and I would be staining in small batches anyway. I don't have the room to lay out all thirty-two shelves for staining at the same time. It'd be efficient. I'll get right on that...

In between glue-ups, I was searching OLGA for the chord file for a song I did a filk of last week. No luck, but I did find a couple of other songs I like, so I printed them out, and decided to try them. Now, I haven't touched either of my Casio keyboards in probably more than a year. With good reason for one, because my WK-1200 is deader than a doornail. I don't know what happened, but it suddenly stopped producing sounds. The LCD worked, and you could see it recording key presses, but no sound. When I tried it tonight, even the LCD didn't work. Bother. I also have a much older CT-680 that does still work, but it has one less octave than the 1200, and nowhere near the options, so I just sort of left it in the attic, while considering what to get to replace the 1200. Also, with my coughing since November, and thus being unable to sing along much, I haven't really been all that interested.

So tonight I dragged to 680 down from the attic and plugged it in. Still works. I played around a little bit. Understand, my playing is totally different from what a musician would call playing. I play an electronic keyboard sort of like a guitar, letting the left hand play the built in chord patterns, and usually mirroring the same chords with the right hand. I use guitar tabs because I can't read music very well (I can translate music, not fast enough to play along, but I have memorized the notes for a couple of songs), but I do know how to play and transpose chords. It's not much, but it works for me. And dayum, am I out of practice. I really sucked, even for me, but it was fun to do it again, and now I'm feeling the need to go get a replacement for the 1200. We'll see.

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