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So, I ordered a new keyboard, a very early birthday present. It's a Casio WK-3000. I was originally looking at the WK-1800, but the 3000 in newer, has more tone, rhythms, and features, has a smart card reader for saving presets and such, and is the same price. Plus I'm getting a free a/c adapter and free shipping. It's being shipped from Montana, so it'll be a while before it gets here, but yay keyboard!

Books - I finished Bitter Gold Hearts last week, one of my favorite Garrett novels, about the lives, loves, and brutal deaths of the members of the family of a powerful sorceress. I'm continuing on with Cold Copper Tears, which has Garrett mixed up in conflict between Tun Faire's two major religious institutions.

I was browsing in Barnes and Noble tonight, and I saw a couple of things that I will get eventually, but I didn't feel like investing the dough this instant. The first was the latest Tom Clancy. I like Clancy's early books a lot, because I'm all about the whiz-bang stuff, and I own all his novels in hardcover, but the last couple have left me cold (The Bear and the Dragon was terrible). They were bloated things that appeared to have seen no editing whatsoever. I was fully expecting the new one to weigh in at well over a thousand pages, as well, but I saw a stack of them tonight, and it's thin, under four hundred pages. Same price, though. I'm still in no hurry, so maybe I'll wait to get it from the library.

The other thing I saw that I want to pick up at some point is Jim Bouton's Foul Ball: My Life and Hard Times Trying to Save an Old Ballpark, about the attempts by he and his partners to renovate an historic ballpark in the face of opposition from the town government and their allied business interests. It looks pretty neat, and Bouton is always funny, even when he is being an insufferable smart-ass, but I've got enough waiting in line to be read. I'll get to it eventually. Maybe I'll do a reread of Ball Four in the meantime.
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