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It's Late, and I Need to go the Sleep

Another glorious day. I need to take the A/C out of the window. I picked up the wheels for my bike tonight. The guy made a mistake on the estimate, and forgot to include the price of the two new tires ($25 each). I didn't have a problem with it, because when I thought about it later last night, I knew the estimate had to be low. I just thought he'd forgotten one tire. So, it was $144 total, bringing the grand total for the bike this year to about $310, or $10 more than I paid for the frelling thing in the first place.

Still, I can't really complain about the tires. The old ones had about 1500 miles on them, and were starting to split. The new ones are shiny with a cool red logo. Just neat. They're also narrower than the old ones, and are rated at 100 psi, instead of 75 psi, which means they can be pumped up harder, and will therefore be faster. Woo hoo!

(I also have a set of wider tires for those rare occasions when I expect to be riding on dirt instead of pavement. I'll install those before I head up to Maine.)

Didn't get home til sunset, so I had no chance to try them out. I will tomorrow. It was such a nice night that I went for a walk after dinner. It's a habit I need to get into for the winter months, so I figured I may as well start now. It's just that the problem with walking is I get too much time to think about stuff. I started out in a pissy mood, and by the time I was done, I'd overthought myself into a blue funk of anger and depression. Fortunately, though, I got home to find a nice email waiting for me from a friend, someone I was glad to hear from, and it cheered me immensely. It's amazing how little it takes sometimes to push my emotions one way or the other. I guess that should be worrisome to me, but I think I prefer being able to be easily cheered without having to resort to chemicals when so many of my friends don't have that option. It makes up for those periods of blue funk.

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