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Breaking Brakes

Mother Nature continues to give us the best weather of the year. Tried out the new tires tonight, doing 16 miles on the bike path. It was well into dusk when I finished. There won't be many more evenings when I can take a ride after work. I did get a late start because the new rear rim is about 1/4" wider then the old one, and since the brake pads were set with only about a 1/16" gap from the old rim, it obviously wasn't going to work without readjusting the pads. I say obviously, even though it took me close to fifteen minutes of trying to reconnect the brake cable after installing the wheel, all the while saying "What the fuck?" to myself in the parking lot of Kingston Station, to figure all that out. D'oh.

The ride was nice, not many people on the path. My time was lousy, though, and I can't really explain it, because I was pushing hard the whole ride. Although now it occurs to me that I need to recalibrate the bike computer because of the new tire, so it's possible I did have a good time, but the mileage is just reading low, so it looks bad. We'll see.

Finished Cold Copper Tears today. It kind of ends with a whimper, but that more due to the true nature of the villain of the story, and the fact that there couldn't possibly be a quick resolution. The Garrett books are a quirky lot. Take Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolfe, and plop them down in the middle of TunFaire, a city populated by humans, sorcerers, elves, ogres, trolls, pixies, etc., and let them start solving mysteries. Technologically, the world is similar to the late eighteenth century, except that neither gunpowder nor the steam engine have been invented. Sociologically, they're in 1940's New York. It's an interesting mix, and it all hangs together pretty well.

It's been a week since I ordered my keyboard, and I'm getting antsy. Want it to be here now. Stoopid UPS ground from Montana...

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