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The Donut Shop Sketch...

Scene - The drive thru line at Dunkin' Donuts. DXMachina (played by John Cleese) has just been asked to place his order...

DX: I'll have a large French Vanilla, extra light, with two sugars, and two double chocolate donuts.
Voice on the speaker: I'm sorry, we're out of double chocolate donuts.
DX: Okay, two glazed, then.
Voice on the speaker: Sorry, we're out of those, too.
DX: Two plain, then.
Voice on the speaker: We're out of those, too.
DX: This *is* Dunkin' *Donuts*, right?
Voice on the speaker: Yes...
DX: Jelly?
Voice on the speaker: Sorry.
DX: Chocolate frosted?
Voice on the speaker: I'll check... Yes, we have chocolate frosted.
DX: My lucky day. Two of those then.
Voice on the speaker: Oh, what kind of coffee did you want again?

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