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Nothing Lasts Forever

The fabulous weather finally ended today, but not before I managed to mow the lawn. The rain came mid-afternoon, so no chance of a bike ride today. Just as well, because I don't feel exactly 100%. It's supposed to clear tomorrow, so maybe I'll be able to hit the path before I head up to Nora and Tom's. Last night was the birthday party for Trudy and Nutty, and much fun and tasty food was had. Learned a fun factoid that I could've happily been ignorant of forever - Trudy's father went to the same high school I did, and we only missed each other by a couple of years. Yikes!

The shelving situation has progressed. Last weekend I trimmed the facings flush on the twenty shelves that had been glued up. Today I ran the twenty through the table saw to trim them to their final width (depth?). Then I sanded them all with a random-orbit sander. They're ready for finishing. Bring on the stain. Meanwhile I continue to glue up the remaining shelves.

Meanwhile, I've started writing a fic. I was doing research for pity's sake. God help me...

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