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Devoured by Locusts

Last night I got absolutely nothing done. I had such plans, too. I was going to start staining the shelves. I was going to write. Instead, nada.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy when I went to the supermarket. I only needed a few things, but Shaw's was frelling packed. I've never seen lines like that in there. I wondered for a sec if it was the day before Thanksgiving, and no one had reminded me. Got home to find a note from UPS saying that they tried to deliver my keyboard, but they needed my signature, and could I please skip work tomorrow so that I could sign for it. Nuh uh. Went to their web site, and after a bit of poking around was able to redirect it to my work address. (And it just came in the door, woo hoo!)

Got home, had dinner. Checked the computer, and there was an e-mail from Alex saying he was going to send me a couple of add-on aircraft files for Flight Simulator. Check my mailbox again, and sure enough, the first one starts downloading. And downloading. And downloading. Finally, Pocomail (my e-mail program) gives up and gives me an error message. Try again, same thing. Try to access the file through the web interface to my mailbox. I can see it, and I can read it, but it won't let me download the attachment, nor will it let me delete it. Meanwhile, I've sent Alex an e-mail telling him not to send the second file, but it's too late. He's also sent me a couple of other e-mails in the meantime, and the messages are starting to back up. Pocomail can't get past the original message, so all of them are producing errors. The web interface won't let me delete them.

I decide to try more drastic measures, so I go to the admin account, and delete the mailbox, hoping that this will delete the files as well. No such luck. When I recreate the account, everything is still there. I suppose that if I deleted the account and let it stick for a while, they would've gone away, but it's my main frelling account. Go to the hosting service's support page and submit a trouble ticket, hoping that maybe they can clear everything out. At the end of the process, I get redirected to a page that is not the one I expected, so I decide to check the status of the new trouble ticket, just to make sure. Nope, the ticket doesn't exist in the system.

While this is going on, a Trillian window pops up. It's D, the former business manager of our company. I haven't heard from her in years, since she retired, and I was perfectly fine with that. The day she retired was one of the happiest of my life. It dawned on me that years ago I would occasionally IM with her husband, which is how she got my screen name. Bother. So we're chatting while I'm trying to submit the trouble ticket. I don't want to chat, but I'm too frelling polite to even say that I need to be working on something else. Sigh. Fortunately, her husband wanted to use the computer, so she left. Immediately went and put her on my blocked users list.

Right about then, Alex called to apologize for frelling up my mailbox. While we were chatting, I started to submit another trouble ticket, but decided to make one last attempt at deleting the files. This time it worked. Huh. Beats me. When I looked at one, it appeared that somewhere along the line the zipped attachment got mime encoded into the message itself, meaning it was just gobbledygook by the time it got to me. Anyway, problem solved. Yay.

Al and I talked for a while, and by the time we were done it was around 11:30, so no staining, and no writing, although I did get a good idea on how to structure the fic based on another fic I'd read earlier in the day. It means some rewriting of what I've already got, but it makes sense to do it that way. Now I just need to find some time. Given that the keyboard that I've been waiting for with such anticipation is finally here, it probably won't be tonight.

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