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Lost and Found

We were lost and found, just in time,
With the hurricane crossing the coast line.
- Ray Davies

Still sunny and lovely here, despite the hurricane bearing down on Carolina. It's supposed to start turning nasty tonight as the remnants of Isabelle make their way north, but it should clear up by the weekend.

Last night I rushed home after work, and I still wasn't able to finish my ride before the sun set (which was at 6:53 p.m. for Slocum last night, according the the US Naval Observatory). Actually, it wasn't too bad, even if the cars zooming by me on South Road did have their headlights on. Did 14 miles, and the time was okay. Still haven't recalibrated the bike computer, but the distance I rode last night came out pretty close to what it's been in the past, so maybe those bad times I had the last couple of rides were because I really was slow rather than the computer being off. I never did get around to fixing the derailleur, so I tapped it a couple of times with a speed wrench before I went out, trying to knock it back into proper alignment. It was a little better, but it still needs professional help. The indexing is still off, and there was some major gear slippage at times.

I've realized something about the new tires. I was happy to get them, because they were narrower than the old ones, and could take a higher pressure, which means they'll roll easier and faster. However, it means that when you're riding on any surface that's the least bit bumpy, say the thinly paved driveways of the RI Veterans Cemetary, you're able to feel every single bump. Ouch.

I also managed to fall last night. Nothing serious, I didn't get hurt. I was biking slowly north on Rt. 2, waiting for a break in traffic so I could cross the road and head south the way I wanted to. The traffic was awful, way worse than usual, and there just wasn't any opportunity for me to cross the road. Finally, rather than continue further and further out of my way, I pulled into the parking lot of the turf farm, and started doing slow circles there while waiting for a break. Turns out the parking lot is dirt, and I managed to stray into a patch of deep sand as I was circling. The back wheel slid out from under me and down I went. At least I managed to get my left foot loose from the toe clip and planted on the ground so that I didn't go hit the ground with the bike. Fortunately, there was no damage to anything but my pride.

Managed to plot out some more sections of the fic as I was riding. It's a shame I didn't bring a tape recorder with me, because by the time I sat down at the computer later, I had forgotten a lot of the dialogue I'd worked out in my head. At least what I was thinking about on the ride sure seemed better than what I was able to remember later. Still, I now know how it's going to end, so that's something.

Still experimenting with the keyboard. "Rest in Peace" sounds kind of neat when played on a roller rink organ to a bluegrass beat. Also downloaded a bunch of Kinks chord files from Dave Emlen's Kinks web site, one of the best resources for this kind of stuff I've ever found.

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