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A Summer Cold is a Different Animal

Blecch! I have a cold. Woke up on Sunday not feeling my best, but I attributed that to not having gotten to bed until 4 a.m. Turns out I was wrong. I'm sniffling, sneezing, coughing... oh, and there's mucous. Took a nap, and went to bed early (tenish). Felt worse Monday morning, suffered through work. Bad day, because LD was home with a kidney stone, and I had to do his stuff, too, but at least the cold is better than having a kidney stone. Took some nyquil and went to bed at nine, and woke this morning feeling even worse. Made it through today, but I still feel half dead.

OTOH, had a great time Saturday night. Took a ride up to Somerville, watched some DVDs (Simpson S2, FotR extras disk), and then went off to watch meteors (the Perseids) with Nutty, Connie, and Jon. We wound up at Walden Pond, which was neat. Had the place pretty much to ourselves, and it's dark enough for good viewing. Good company, too, with much snarkage. Of course we didn't get back to Jon's until 2:30, so I didn't get home until 4. Still it was a great time. I just wish I didn't get sick immediately afterwards
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